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Eastern Hemisphere

Social Studies

If an answer has more than one word, leave a space in between the words.

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2.This continent is north of Africa
5.Which ocean is north of Asia and Europe?
6.This ocean is east of Africa
7.BONUS: What do they call the super-continent of Europe and Asia combined?
8.The Amazaon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. What is the second largest rainforest? (2 words--do not include the word rainfoest)
11.This continent is southeast of Asia and has kangaroos
13.The longest river in Africa
14.This desert is about the size of the entire United States; it's the biggest in the world
15.This is the tallest mountain range in the world; it's in Asia
16.BONUS (use an atlas): This body of water separates Africa from Asia. It's named after a color.
1.This body of water separates Africa and Europe.
3.This ocean is east of Asia
4.This ocean is west of Africa
9.This continent is south of Europe
10.This is the tallest mountain range in Europe.
12.This continent is east of Europe

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