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Math Word Wall Crossword :D

Liam Boehme Block: 4B

1 2
3     4
5             6                       7
    16 17        

5.An equation that has a variable in it that needs to be solved.
9.What is added together in an expression.
10.The factor that is multiplied by the times the exponent indicates.
11.The distance from the number, on a number line to 0. It can be counted from the negitive and from the positive place values. Ex: |5|
13.The actual integers in the term(s) of an equation.
14.The rules that help you answer an equation with multiple operations.
18.It is all the inputs of a set of numbers called functions.
19.In a function, it is what the output number is called.
20.Two numbers that are an equal distance, the same numerical places away from 0, on the positive and negitive of 0.
1.A number that stands in for an unknown number or value with in an equation.
2.A way to find the answer to a multiplication or additioin equation, which involves parenthesis.
3.Numbers that can be written as a fraction and where the bottom integer, is not 0.
4.In a function, it is what an input number is called.
6.Any whole number that can be positive, negitive, or 0.
7.The number of times you multiply the base factor of a power.
8.Not a fraction or decimal. Ex: 0,1,2,3....
12.A term with no variable but only the number part.
15.It is the distance, or the difference of the highest and lowest numbers in a set of data.
16.an expression that shows a number that is multiplied repeatedly by the exponent.
17.Terms with the same variable, or can be a term with out the variable.

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