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Scientific Method Vocabulary

Mrs. Shanks-Correia

This puzzle is used as an opener for the Scientific Method unit.

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1.a diagram showing the relationship between two variables.
6.The study of matter and energy. Chemistry explores matter and the changes it undergoes. Physics studies forms of energy such as light and heat
8.To examine the different and/or similar characteristics of things or events.
9.A factor that responds to change. What is being measured in an experiment.
10.exchanging information through speaking, writing, or another type of medium.
11.A logical explanation or conclusion based on observations and/or facts.
13.An observation that has been confirmed over and over. Not often used in science – they change too often!
14.To compare the characteristics of something (such as mass, length, volume) with a standard (such as grams, meters, liters).
17.An explanation of some feature of the natural world that can include facts, laws, and tested hypotheses. A theory makes predictions about future observations
20.a testable statement seeking to answer yes or no, will or won’t, or does or doesn’t. It must be formally stated as an If…then statement.
22.The breakdown of something that is complex into smaller parts in such a way that leads to a better understanding of the whole.
23.series of carefully planned steps that tests a hypothesis.
24.sciences concerned with the study of living organisms.
25.The part of an experiment held constant, compared against the variable.
26.a condition that changes.
2.Stating what you think might happen in the future.
3.Information, measurements and materials gathered from observations that are used to help answer questions.
4.The condition being tested or changed in an experiment.
5.information gathered before conducting an experiment. It is used to form a hypothesis.
7.the set of skills used to solve problems and answer questions in an orderly way.
12.Grouping things together based on specific characteristics.
15.a scientific theory that has been tested many times and has produced the same results over a period of many years
16.information we gather by using our senses
18.The study of the earth and its rocks, oceans, volcanoes, atmosphere and other features.
19.A judgment about your hypothesis following an experiment.
21.The study of nature and the physical world using the methods of science, or a “special method of finding things out.”

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