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Toothpaste Millionaire Ch. 9 - 16

K. Cannady

There are 17 vocabulary words in the puzzle from chapters 9 - 16 in the Toothpaste Millionaire.

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2.to move something using a lot of effort
3.the creation of a three-dimensional work of art by carving or modeling
5.a silvery white, light metallic element that is easily formed into shapes
7.clean and free from anything that could cause disease or infection
11.somebody who is in charge of an auction
12.a sale of goods or property at which buyers bid against one another
15.a building where goods are manufactured in large quantities
16.a disagreement in which different views are expressed, often angrily
17.composed of many different things that have nothing in common
1.a fat taken from sheep's wool that is used in ointments
4.to make something complex or difficult
6.as expected; of course; by nature; without artificial treatment; normal way
8.a precise quality or amount
9.the legal inability to pay others what is owed them
10.to discern between one or more things or people
13.a tool used to grasp and turn; to pull and twist something away
14.twelve dozen or 144 in quantity

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