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Toothpaste Millionaire Ch. 1-8

K. Cannady

1 2
4   5   6
  9             10      
  13 14                    

3.showing exceptional intelligence, ability, skill or talent
7.a tough synthetic material
8.costing a lot of money
9.good-looking or pleasing in appearance
12.a state of great public interest in an idea or product
14.to state something is better, wose, larger, more common, or more important than is true or usual
15.the total number of shares issued by a company
16.to kill all living microorganisms in something in order to make it incapable of causing infection
17.laughing in a disrespectful way
1.a game similar to tennis using rackets to strike a shuttlecock over a net
2.a device in which heat is produced to warm a building or undertake an industrial process
4.easy to see or understand because it is not hidden
5.not guilty
6.a bag, sometimes one of a pair, carried near or attached to an animal's saddle or attached to a frame over a wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle
10.somebody or something that inspires another person
11.the first person to create, think up, or use something new
13.an offictal count of a population carried out at set intervals

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