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The Giant Diamond Robbery

Puzzle Designed by IAN BARTLETT

Help Geronimo Stilton solve the mystery that awaits them at the Super Mouse Cup of Mouseport Golf Tournament!

1 2
3         4           5  
    7               8            
10 11                      
14               15      

3.What does Geronimo become at the end of the story? (2 Words)
7.Who is the main character? (2 Words)
11.What did his ball hit on hole 8? (2 Words)
12.What is Special Agent 00k's first name?
13.Where did the golf tournament take place?
14.What was The Shadow disguised as?
16.What was at hole 4?
1.what was around the trophy to keep theives away? (2 Words)
2.Who did geronimo go to the golf tournament with? (2 Words)
3.What popped out of hole 15?
4.Who's the most famous thief in New Mouse City? (2 Words)
5.Who is the thief selling the trophy to? (2 Words)
6.What was on top of the trophy?
7.Where did this story take place? (2 Words)
8.What was stolen? (3 Words)
9.What is agent 00k's sisters name?
10.Where is Special Agent 00k's lair?
15.There are eighteen of these at a golf course.

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