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PH Lit Unit 1 Amazing Words

Ms. Burnham

Using the Amazing Words on page 3 of your red literature book, complete the following crossword puzzle.

1 2
  3 4 5   6
  7 8                    

8.An __________ is a written or spoken comment that you have noticed about a situation.
10.If something is ___________, it is not sensible or reasonable.
13._________ is a fact, object, or sign that makes you believe that something is true.
14.To _________ something is to show that it is true, especially by providing facts and information.
15.A _________ is an idea that is supported by evidence, but not fully proven.
1.Something that is __________ is based on facts rather than on personal feelings.
2.An __________ is a person's belief about something.
3.When you __________ what some has said, you disagree with it, especially by saying that the opposite is true.
4.To __________ means to make someone decide to do something, especially by giving him/her reasons as to why he/she should do it.
5.Something that is ___________ is based on facts.
6.To _________ something is to try and find out the truth about it, such as the details of a crime.
7.To __________ something is to show that it is definitely true, especially by getting more proof.
9.Something that is __________ is not certain or not likely to happen.
11.A _________ is an idea or belief that is not based on real facts.
12.A person shows __________ when he/she favors one group of people over another

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