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Mass Ettiquette Crossword Puzzle

Mimi Tran

Complete the crossword puzzle. Wish you luck!

2 3 4  
5                   6
8 9                        
  16           17            

1.Means "Lord have Mercy.."
5.A vessel in which the consecrated Host is exposed for adoration of the faithful.
7.An explaination of God's Word preached by the priest.
9.When we bend the right knee all the way to the floor, then rise up again.
10.In Mass we all listen to the words of _________.
15.Begins with a fundamental respect for the importance and sancity of the Mass.
16.The celebration of the Eucharist.
17.The response "Holy, Holy, Holy" is called _______.
18.A statement of our beliefs that is our response to God's Word.
19.How do we enter in God's house?
1.Is a posture of both penance and adoration.
2.When priest offers a short prayer and a blessing at the end of Mass.
3.Who may receive communion?
4.Vessel used to contain the Bloof of Christ.
6.In Mass it is the time to gather _________ in God's presence.
8.Reading usually taken from the O.T.
11.Is found at the entrance to each Catholic Church.
12.Dwelling place for the Eucharist to be held for adoration or later use.
13.Eucharistic prayer which is a short prayer of praise and thanksgiving.
14.Vessel used to contain the Blessed Sacrament.

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