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Health and Disease crossword created by Taylor on the 4th of September 2012

1           2    
5               6
8 9           10              
11           12        
14   15                 16
19               20          

1.its measures how much damage a disease does the host
4.you should have 3 serves a day
5.a eating disorder
9.so small that it can only be seen with a microscope
11.you should have 3 serves a day
13.exersise to be able to stay healthy in your mind and body
14.no more than 2 serves
17.a disease that regularly affetcts a small amount of people in the population
18.a disease that suddenly gets out of control
19.a number of people affected with a disease in a certain place
20.The general condition of the body of mind
21.an outbreak that goes globle where everyone is at risk
2.a substance that is used by an organisim either as a sourse of energy or to build living tissue
3.The food you eat needs to be a ____________
6.something that makes you feel unwell or ill
7.anything that causes disease
8.the invation of the body by foreigin organisms
9.the rate at which a person uses their engergy
10.Living thing, plant or animal
12.an advading agent can multiply easily in the host and be passed onto other host organisms
15.a feeling of being sad and not wanted-Mind
16.a disorder by stravation

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