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Sonny Bill Williams

1 2
5               6 7          
8               9              
11             12   13   14

3.One of the three main factors that contibute to good health, This needs to be done on a regurlay basis to retain fit
4.A persons overall sense of wellbeing
5.living things, eg plants and animals
6.a disease that reguraly affects a small number of people in the population
8.Is anyting that makes you feel unwell or makes you unable to function properly
9.a disease that suddently gets out of control
10.This consists of a variety of food like vegetables, fruits, breads, water and lean meats, etc (2 Words)
11.The study of disease
15.One of the three main factors that contibute to good health, Its got to do with your mental state (3 Words)
18.invasion of the body of foreign organism
19.an organism being affected by an agent
20.An eating disorder characterised by starvation (2 Words)
1.abything that causes disease
2.extremly sad
7.A substances that is used by an organism either as a source of energy or to build living tissue
10.An eating disorder marked by a binge-purge cycle (2 Words)
11.an agent that uses the host for food
12.One of the three main factors that contibute to good health, susbtances which an organism uses as a source of information and to build living tissue (2 Words)
13.An outbreak that goes global, placing everyone on the planet at risk
14.an organism so small that it can only be seen with a microscope (2 Words)
16.Is what energy is measured in
17.higher than normal number of people are affected by a particular disease in a certain place

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