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health project x


health and diesease

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1.is important in bone and teeth formation
5.you need to do this in order to say healthy and fit
6.and agent that uses the host for food or shelter
8.anything that causes diseas
9.helps carry nerve impulses
11.the organism being affected by the agent
14.the invading agent can multiply easily in the host and be passed onto other host organism
18.there are many triggers for it incluiding stress,drug use and family conflict
19.consist of variety of foods including fresh fruit and vegetables
20.invasion of the body by foreign orgnism
23.a disease that suddently gets out of control
25.another eating disorder marked by a binge purge cycle
26.is not the total absence of disease but it means that a person has an overall sense of wellbeing and is able to function well within their enviroment
27.minerals like iron and calcium
2.helps maintain the glucose concentration of the blood
3.an organism that carries a pathogen and transmits it to the host
4.is the rate at which a person uses their energy
7.a disease that regularly affects a small number of people in the population
10.an eating disorder characterised by stavation
12.an organism so small it can only be seen with a micro scope
13.is important for the health of your digestive system
15.involved in blood cotting
16.is important for healthy sight
17.measures how much damage a disease does to the host
21.leads to anaemia and intestinal damage
22.living thing plant or animal
24.you need this for muscle growth

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