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Helath & Dieseases

Craven Moorhead

Its educational,so do not try it.

3   4
5     6  
8                         9          
    10   11  
    15 16            
17                               18

2.essential small amounts of certain things vital to the body
7.unit that energy is measured in
8.important for the health of your digestive system
9.disease caused by lack of viatamins
12.an outbreak that goes global,placing everyone on the planet at risk
13.rate which a person uses their energy
14.invading agent can multiply easily in the host and be passed onto other host organisms
15.higher than normal numbers of people are affected by a particular disease in a certain place
17.eating disorder characterised by starvation
19.parasites that can be seen without a microscope
1.the english word for pathos
3.invasion of the body by foreign organisms
4.an organism that carries a pathogen and transmits it to the host,but isn't affected by it
5.another eating disorder marked by a binge-purge cycle
6.certain things living organisms must take to survive
9.bacteria shaped in a spiral way
10.consists of various foods such as fruit, bread, fish, lean meat and vegies
11.bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi all belong in what category
16.an agent that uses the host for food
18.the normal temperature a body functions at

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