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Health & Diseases


1 2 3
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4.The study of diseases
6.An organism that carries a pathogen and transmits it to the host
7.Invasion of the body by foreign organisms
8.An agent that uses the host for food or shelter
10.The rate at which a person uses their energy
11.Used by an organism either as a source of energy or to build living tissue
13.An organism that is so small you can only see it through a microscope.
14.The name of micro-organisms that cause diseases
15.The name given to an outbreak that goes global, placing everyone in the world at risk
1.Used to measure energy
2.An overall sense of wellbeing and able to function within an environment
3.Variety of healthy foods are eaten to develop this, including vegetables and fruit. (2 Words)
5.The name given to a disease that gets out of control
9.The name given to a disease that regularly affects a small number of people in the population
12.tThe name given to higher that normal numbers of people affected by a particular disease in a certain place

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