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GCSE Review: Heart, Health and Circulation

Mr Miah

You should already know or have familiarity with these terms/words

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    5 6
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16               17

2.Artery carrying blood to the lungs
4.Lacking or having no oxygen
7.Gaseous waste product of cellular respiration
8.Respiration without oxygen
10.Groups of tissues working together for a common purpose
12.Pertaining to the lung
14.Smallest blood vessel
16.Smallest functional unit of life
18.Random movement of particles along (down) a concentration gradient
19.Present in RBC's. Allows oxygen to be transported
1.Organ which pumps blood around the body
3.Another word for a heart attack
5.The main artery carrying blood away from the heart
6.Principal vein carrying blood to the heart
9.Breakdown of glucose to release energy
11.Like a oneway door. Prevents back flow
13.The liquid component of blood
15.Small bursts of electricity
17.Composed of plasma and cells

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