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1         2   3
4 5 6        
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    9           10
13                           14 15
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1.Hazards: Hair, nails, dust
6.Contains information about certain chemical/material
7.Caused by a virus; Damages liver
9.Should be worn
12.Pest Control _________: licensed to handle pesticides
13.Characterized by diarrhea and stomach ache
16.Presence of gnaw marks
17.Use ________ to get ice
18.Pathogens does not like __________ environment
19.Should not be worn
20.What must be done before and after break times?
2.When vegetables come in contact with raw meat
3.Put proper _______ when transferring chemicals to new container
4.Hazards which includes polishers and detergents
5.Conditions for pathogens to grow
8.Chemicals that reduces microorganism
10.Food handlers must wash hands every _____ hours
11.High risk customer
14.Proper handling of food should be _________ away floor
15.Oversees the pest control services

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