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Preliminary Spanish Vocabulary

Matthew Estes

Preliminary vocabulary for Spanish 1 students

1 2 3
4 5             6  
    8   9              
  11   12 13
19 20            

4.Month with holidays like Halloween and Columbus day.
8.A yearly occurrence that marks the birth of someone.
10.The only star in our solar system is also known as this. (2 Words)
14.What do you call yourself? (3 Words)
15.How are you? (3 Words)
16.This season that began June 20 and will end on September 22. (2 Words)
18.the time that blockbuster movies premiere (2 Words)
20.And you? (2 Words)
21.I don't understand. (2 Words)
23.A form of "so so". (3 Words)
24.A response to say if you don't know the answer (2 Words)
25.Shortened form of saying "good bye"
1.1 of 2 months added to the calendar after it was already made.
2.In winter, we often get this type of precipitation. (2 Words)
3.First day of the week in Spanish terms
5.This state, known for mountains, shares its name with the Spanish word for brown.
6.A greeting used after el mediodia. (2 Words)
7.siete, ______, nueve
9.Word you can add to the phrase, "Estoy mal." that means you've had a very bad day.
11.The 21st prime number; the products of this number's digits also equal 21. (3 Words)
12.My favorite number, which is also the last 2 digits of the year the current Junior class graduates.
13.The end of the week in Spanish.
17.If someone says "gracias" a correct response is... (2 Words)
19.1 of 2 months added to the calendar after it was already made.
22.Used only for 1 o'clock (2 Words)

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