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Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rock

Mayank & Stephan

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3.Lithification process which is the breaking down materials at the Earth's surface
6.Lithification process which is the Glueing of Sediment
7.Formed by WEDCC ( Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, Compaction, Cementation) (2 Words)
9.Name of Non-Foliated rock that is not banded
10.Lithification process which is the Squeezing of Sediment
12.Type of rock made from Sediment such as Clay, Gravel or Sand
13.Name of Foliated rock that is banded
1.Process of converting Sediments into Sedimentary rock
2.Formed by Heat & Pressure (2 Words)
4.Lithification process which is the Dropping of Sediment in a new location
5.Lithification process which is the Movement of Sediment from one place to another by Wind, Water or Ice
8.Type of rock made from a chemical reaction such as water evaporates and leaving rocks behind
11.Type of rock made from Sediments of previously living things

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