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Academic Keywords

Created by Mary Griffiths (L3 Study Skills)

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3.Weigh arguments for and against something, assessing the strength of the evidence on both sides. Use criteria to guide your assessment of which opinions, theories, models or items are preferable.
5.Make something clear and explicit, giving examples or evidence.
7.Put the subject "under the microscope", looking at it in detail. If appropriate, "critically evaluate" it as well.
8.Identify and write about the main issues, giving your reactions based upon what you have read or heard in lectures. Avoid purely personal opinion.
9.Give the meaning and relevance of data or other material presented.
12.Set two or more items or arguments in opposition so as to draw out differences. Indicate whether the differences are significant. If appropriate, give reasons why one item or argument may be preferable.
15.Concentrate on saying what happened, telling it as a story.
16.Show how two or more things are similar. Indicate the relevance or consequences of thse similarities.
17.Examine in very close detail; identify important points and chief features.
18.Give evidence which supports an argument or idea; show why a decision or conclusions were made, considering objections that others might make.
1.Show similarities and connections between two or more things.
2.Bring out the differences between two (possible confusable) items.
4.Give reasons for; explain why something happens.
6.Draw out the main points only, omitting details or examples.
7.Make clear why something happens, or why something is the way it is.
10.Assess the worth, importance or usefulness of something, using evidence. There will probably be cases to be made both for and against.
11.Give the main characteristics or features of something, or outline the main events.
13.Write about the most important aspects of (probably including criticism); give arguments for and against; consider the implications.
14.Give the exact meaning of. Where relevant, show that you understand why the definition may be problematic.

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