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1 2 3
4 5                
6 7                
9           10            
11   12                
18           19   20   21        
23             24    

5.a polysaccharide found in plants
6.the enzyme responsible for helping in the digestion of lactose
9.due to its high specific heat, water resists changes in this
12.property of water that allows it to travel up small tubes
13.Positively charged particle found in the nucleus of an atom
15.amino acids are the monomers of these macromolecules
16.bond formed when atoms share pairs of electrons
17.substance a solute dissolves in
18.proteins & nucleic acids contain this element
20.a disaccharide commonly known as table sugar
22.these have a pH above 7
23.a monosaccharide
24.an atom with a charge
1.monomers of nucleic acids
2.property in which water molecules are attracted to each other
3.particles in the nucleus of an atom that have no charge
4.the smallest unit of matter
7.enzymes work by lowering the ___?___ energy needed for a reaction to take place
8.a solution in which the particles do not dissolve
10.these have a pH below 7
11.type of bond formed between a hydrogen atom & a negatively charged atom
13.describes a molecule with a slightly positive end & a slightly negative end
14.this macromolecule consists of glycerol and a fatty acid
19.proteins that speed up chemical reactions
21.an element found in carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids

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