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1 2
4 5 6                
9 10                
  11 12    
  13   14     15
16     17           18  
    21                   22 23        
        24               25

6.A statement that can be proved easily using a theorem
7.A number that appears most often in a set of numbers.
8.A name of Mathematician used as a unit of Magnetic Flux Density
10.In mathematics, a ____________ of dimension n is a topological space that near each point resembles n-dimensional Euclidean space.
16.A line segment extending from the center of a circle (Or sphere) to the curves of surface
19.Contributor of integral Theory known for Zeta function
21.A measure of the expectation of an event that will occur
23.The mathematician who first used graph theory for problem solving
24.Inventor of Set Theory
26.The perpendicular line from a vertex of a geometric figure to the opposite side
27.Process of changing one configuration into another in accordance with a mathematical rule
29.Greek Symbol used to represents summation
30.A system is __________ when it has atleast one solution
31.A member of codomain to which an element of domain is associated under a function
32.A function that is defined by applyning different formula to different parts of its domain
1.The segment of a secant between its interactions with a curve
2.The family of many mathematicians
3.A rule that is accepting without proof (Axiom)
4.Number theorist, famous for the last theorem
5.Point where axes meet and divide the coordinate plane into four quadrants
9.A solid that is bounded by a surface consisting of all points at a given distance from a center
11.The charecteristics that can not be expressed numerically
12.An arrangement of objects of set into a particular order.
13.A line to which a graph approaches more and more closely
14.A branch of mathematics concerning the study of finite or countable discrete structures
15.Three or more lines, rays or segments that intersect in the same point
17.Something which is not finite
18.The ratio of circle circumfernce to its diameter
20.A mathematician known for Optimization technique with constraints
22.The linear inquality that form a system
25.Step by Step procedure for calculations
28.The polygon that makes up the boundary of a polyhedron

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