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Polynomials and Inscribing Circles


1 2 3
8               9    
11                 12  
15           16                

4.an expression with one term
7.a circle that fits outside a shape and touches each vertex of that shape
8.a point at which an angle can be split into two equal angles
10.a simplified and quick form of long division for polynomials
11.what is left when a polynomial is divided by a monomial, binomial or another polynomial
14.a triangle where all sides are of equal length and all angles are equal
15.when dividing two polynomials, if there is no remainder then we have found one of these
16.a triangle where all sides are of different lengths
1.a circle that fits in a shape and touches all sides of that shape
2.an instrument used for drawing circles and arcs
3.an expression with two terms
5.the dividing up of a polynomial into factors
6.a line that is ninety degrees to another line
9.consists of terms that can include variables, coefficients and constants
12.the power of a variable
13.where different sides of a shape meet

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