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Chapter 13: Serous Fluid Crossword Puzzle

Karen Rondina

1     2                   3  
  4 5                    
6   7   8       9     10              
        11   12                
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21           22 23  

1.This contains concentric striations of collagen -like material; Seen in benign conditions, also associated with ovarian and thyroid malignancies.
5.Bacterial infection in the Peritoneal Fluid.
6.They are the predominant cell in tuberculosis.
10.Stain used in differential cell count.
11.Fungi present in a black pleural fluid.
13.A tumor markers of metastatic uterine cancer.
16.A sensitive test for detection of intra-abdominal bleeding in blunt trauma cases, and results of the RBC count can be used along with radiographic procedures to aid in determining the need for surgery.
17.The result of the changes in the permeability of the membranes due to infection of the Pericardial Fluid.
18.Term used when there is disruption of the mechanism of the serous fluid formation and reabsorption; cause increase fluid between the membranes.
19.A material present when there is thoracic duct leakage; high concentration of Triglyceride.
20.Usually related to the presence of WBCs; Microbial infection.
21.Accumulation of fluid between the peritoneal membranes.
24.Tube used for cell counts and the differentials; anticoagulant.
25.Produced by conditions that directly involve the membranes of the particular cavity including infections and malignancies.
26.Fluid appearance when there is hemorrhagic effusion, pulmonary embolism, tuberculosis and malignancy.
2.Appearance of the pleural fluid when chylous material is present.
3.The finding of of a pH as low as 6.0 indicates an ________ that is allowing the influx of gastric fluid.
4.Cell that is seen in allergic reactions and parasitic infections.
7.Cells that in normal and reactive forms have no clinical significance; Decreased are associated in tuberculosis.
8.Presence indicates traumatic injury; blood in the pleural fluid.
9.Pleural Fluid is collected by:
12.Decreased in pneumonia not responding to antibiotics; markedly decreased with esophageal rupture.
14.It stains negatively or weakly positive under Sudan III Stain.
15.Pressure; serum proteins is the same in capillaries on both sides of the membrane.
17.The membrane that lines the wall of a cavity.
22.Fluid between the membranes.
23.One of the most common test performed in Pleural Fluid.

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