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Robotics and Electricity


2           3            
    4         5      
    7 8  
10     11                
      13     14
  21                 22        
24             25                  

2.a device that creates an electrical potential difference in an electric circuit
4.a material through which the charges of an electric current are not able to move
6.the opposition to the movement of electric charge flowing through a material
9.current consisting of charges that flow in only one direction
11.operated or moved with the pressure from water that is moved from a large space to a smaller one
12.circuit in which all parts are connected one after another
15.circuit in which different parts are on seperate branches
16.current consisting of charges that move back and forth in a circuit
18.the difference in electricl potential energy between two places in a circuit
19.very small pieces of machinery
21.the sciecne of building things that are small as atoms or molecules
23.a technology used in prothetics that uses the electric signals from a person's muscles to move a robotic arem
24.electronic parts that are able to read things like temperature, direction, and position
25.the use of science and engineering to do practical things and make life longer, better and easier
1.an imitation of a real situation created on a computer
3.the continuous flow of electric charges through a material
5.the ability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior
7.unit for the rate of current
8.a material through which electrons move freely, forming electric current
10.the medical branch that involves designing, making, and fitting replacement limbs
13.a complete path through which electric charges flow
14.a human that has robotic parts
17.a robot that resembles a human
20.the science of making machines do the jobs of humans
22.unit of meaure for resistance

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