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Test 1 Review

Mr. Kane and Mr. White

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  5 6  
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    10                 11       12
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2.Forcing sailors into service with the British Navy is known as?
4.Creation of a National Bank, Imposing Taxes and Tarriffs were all part of a economic plan created by whom?
8.The Alien and Sedition Acts helped give power to this political party?
9.this nearly doubled the size of the United States
10.The Strict interpretation of the Constitution came from this group's view (before the Democratic-Republicans)
13.This group wanted a strong central government
16.This battle won by the U.S. happened after the War of 1812 ended.
18.This piece of legislation created our federal court system in the US
19.This president reduced taxes, consolidated the Federal Government, and repeal the A & S Acts was?
23.Alexander Hamilton's Economic plan was oppsed by this goup's geographic region
24.This caused the United States to claim Neutrality, and then caused the Jay Treaty and XYZ Affair to happen.
25.this is the main lasing principle result for the Supreme Court which started with Marbury v. Madison
27.Washington's response of sending in Federal Troops to pacify farmers who were protesting taxes was called this?
29.Isolation and this was just one of the policies that Washington advocated for in his farewell address
30.This group of people would be the most likely to wage war against Great Britain
31.This treaty said that all British would leave the Northwest Territory, but never mentioned Impressment was?
1.This made citizing the Government illegal by means of imprisonment of citizens or deportation of imigrants was?
3.Like in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, a State can do this to a Federal Law.
5.This is where Federalist States joined together to talk about seceding from the US (never voted though)
6.trying set an example so others would do the same is called this?
7.Rights/laws/instances that are implied by the consitution would be viewed this way
11.The war hero that came out of the Battle of New Orleans was?
12.This treaty stated that all land aquired would be returned to their original owners (not the Native Americans though)
14.this was created between the Native Americans and the US as a result of the conflicts between them
15.Rights/laws/instances are either in or not in the constitution would be viewed this way
17.The stopping of trade with foreign nations is often reffered to as this?
19.a tax placed upon goods that are imported to the US is called?
20.Gaining territory from this country was a cause for the War of 1812
21.Arguements between politicians helped lead to this?
22.This treaty allowed the US open trade on the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico?
26.a tax placed upon a good when its bought is called?
28.cutting off trade with a country or countries is known as?

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