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Creating a Nation: Chapter One Vocab Review

Mrs. Leschyn

2                                   3
  5   6                 7                 8
      13 14      

2.a colony owned by an individual
6.farming only enough food to feed one's family
9.government principle in which power is divided among different branches
10.a tax on imports and exports
12.a highly organized society marked by knowledge of trade, government, the arts, science and often written language
17.a form of business organization in which many investors pool funds to raise large amounts of money for large projects.
18.power of the chief executive to reject laws passed by the legislature
19.an economic slow down
20.a change to the Constitution
21.A set of laws that formally regulated slavery and defined the relationship between enslaved Africans and free people
22.An individual who contracts to work for a colonist for a specified number of years in exchange for transportation to the colonies, food, clothing and shelter.
23.form of government in which power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote
1.committee organized in each colony to communicate with and unify the colonies
3.A three way trade route that exchanged goods between the American colonies and two other trading partners
4.political system in which power is divided between the national and state governments
5.the theory that a state's power depends on its wealth
7.the system in which each branch of government has the ability to limit the power of the other branches to prevent any from becoming too powerful
8.movement during the 1700s that stressed dependence on God
11.government subject to the will of the people.
13.formal approval
14.A Separatist who journeyed to the American colonies in the 1600s for religious freedom
15.movement during the 1700s that promoted science, knowledge and reason
16.companies of civilian soldiers who boasted they were ready to fight on a minute's notice

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