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spelling list 1 second grade


Second beginning of the year spelling words.

1   2 3
  7 8  
10 11      
12       13
15     16        

1.Rearrange the letters in saw to figure out this word
4.The opposite of beginning
6.What you should do in the water so you don't sink
9.This can be mashed, baked, fried or scalloped
11.A newborn human
12.Twelve of these make up a foot
14.These little bugs live in colonies, often underground and are hard working
15.The opposite of on
16.A feeling your mother has for you
1.A questioning word
2.A pronoun refering to a girl
3.A polite name for a woman, a woman with a royal heritage
5.A word indicating at what time something happened
6.On your own
7.A sweet treat that is a delight to eat
8.Actions that a person takes are what he or she ________
10.Word that came out of someone's mouth are what they______
11.The part of your body that houses your spine
13.The opposite of floating

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