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1   2       3   4 5
    7 8            
9   10        
  11                         12  
          13     14        
  15         16      
18                             19      
  23                           24    
  29           30                              
  31                     32                
  34       35 36             37   38      
            39     40
44                                               45        
  47             48                            
49                     50                  

1.how close a measurement is to the actual value
6.an aproximation of a number based on reasonable assumptions
8.SI unit of length
11.infrences that most likely will not happen in a situatiom
14.tools to find patterns/trends in data
17.SI unit of density
18.a statement that describes what a scientist thinks is going to happen every time under a particular set of conditions.
21.An observation that contradicts an accepted law or theory.
23.factors that change in an experiment
25.unit of density liquid
26.Système International d'Unités
27.SI unit of mass
29.an investigation with only one parameter that is manipulated ata a time
31.the study of the natural world
32.using one or more senses to gather information
36.facts figures and (or) other information gathered throughout an experiment
37.the measure of the force of gravity on you
41.a measurement system based on the number 10
43.the type of observation that uses physical appearances
44.the variable parameter that isexpected to change in an experiment
45.how to calculate volume
46.SI unit of temperature
47.SI unit of time
48.how close a group of measurements are to eachother
49.how to calculate slope
50.making a forecast of what will happen in the future
2.sharing conclusions with others by writing or speaking
3.the study of the properties of matter and how it changes
4.mass per unit volume
5.infrences that most likely will happen in a situation
7.the type of observation that uses numbers
9.the study of matter, energy, motions, and forces
10.SI unit of solid volume
12.common unit of density solid
13.question that can be answered by making observations
15.well-tested explaination of experimental results
16.the study of matter, energy, and the changes they undergo.
19.the only variable parameter that is purposely changed in an experiment
20.measure of the exactness of a measurement
21.the steepness of the graph line
22.all the digits that are measured exactly plus 1 digit that is estimated
24.statement that bdescribes how a particular variable is to be measured
28.refers to the different ways scientists study the natural world
30.SI unit of liquid volume
33.an organized way to record observations
34.a possible answer to a scientific question or explaination
35.the statement that says whether or not the data support or rejects your hyopothesis
38.when you explain observations
39.the amount of space an object takes up
40.something visible that represents something else
42.the amount of mater an object contains

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