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Opening The Door of Faith

Br. Mikkel Trestrail

A Crossword to prepare persons for the year of faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI

1 2           3 4
    12                 13
      15 16        

2.Our father in faith
5.God open Lydia's ____ during the Apostle Paul's preaching in
8.A key Italian word used to describe the theme of Vatican II
9.The book in the bible from which the"term "door of faith"is taken
12.This woman's faith cause Jesus to heal her daughter
14.Argued that we are saved by faith alone
16.The Pope has called for a public profession of the ____
17.With faith we can move ____
18.The seed that our faith can be as small as
1.Faith is the ____ of things hoped for
3.Greek for a "change of heart" or conversion
4.Apart from this faith is dead
5.The condition that was healed when a woman touched the hem of Jesus' garment
6.Jesus said of him that He had not found such faith in all of Israel
7.His faith caused Jesus to heal his blindness
10.October 11th also marks the 20th anniversary since the signing of this teaching document
11.The Pope who called for the last year of faith in the Church
13.Latin for "faith"
15.They gave their lives up for the faith
17.Blessed because she believed

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