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Week 3 Vocab


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1.The court's denial of any motion or objection, or to overturn or void a decision in a prior case.
4.Obligation of a party to prove facts at issue in the trial of a case. In criminal cases, the state has it.
5.Formal accusation against an individual suspected of having committed a criminal offense.
6.The sworn evidence presented by witnesses.
7.The pre-trail proceedings where aparty to an action may be informed about (or discover) the facts known by other parties or witnesses
8.When the court allows an objection to testimony or evidence
9.Evidence based on what a witness has heard someone else say rather than what the witness has personally experienced.
13.This is an action brought in the name of the state, contending that a crime has been committed.
14.Party who brings the suit or files the charges.
15.Reasonable cause;having more evidence for than against, a reasonable belief that a crime has or is being committed is the basis for all lawful searches and arrests.
2.Follows cross-examination and is exercised by the party who first questioned the withness
3.Adjournment of the proceedings in a case from one day or term to another
10.When one person, group of persons, or corporations sues another for personal injury, damages to property, or failure to complete a contract.
11.The paper, document, or other physical object recieved by the court as evidence during a trial.
12.To find a defendant not guilty in a criminal trial.

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