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ATP Production and Respiration

Richard Edwards

1             2
4   5             6
10                   11

1.Type of respiration which produces the most ATP.
3.Part of an ATP molecule made of a nucleotide and and 5-carbon sugar.
5.A carbohydrate broken down during respiration.
8.A reaction where a water molecule is added, breaking a bond.
9.A reaction where molecules are broken down.
10.Type of respiration that produces lactic acid.
12.What ATP becomes if it used up to produce energy.
13.A waste product of respiration with the formula CO2. (2 Words)
14.The addition of a 'P' group to a molecule.
1.A reaction that builds up molecules
2.A cyclical stage of respiration that occurs in the mitochondria. (2 Words)
4.Three of these are found in an ATP molecule. (2 Words)
6.The name of the 5-carbon sugar found in ATP.
7.The first stage of respiration that occurs in the cytosol of a cell.
11.The nucleotide found in ATP.

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