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Ben Edwards

About Tibet

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1.Influenced Tibetan religiousity
5.Tibet's nickname
7.Neighbor of Tibet
9.Person with high status in Tibet
12.Infamous invader and colonizer of Tibet
13.Summer palace of the Dalai Lama
16.Muslim inhabitants
18.Country with the largest Tibetan refugee community
19.Major Tibetan advocacy organization
20.Indian city with many Tibetans
24.Butcher of Tibet in the early twenty first century
25.Sect the Dalai Lama is from
27.American city with the largest Tibetan community
29.Asian empire that once ruled Tibet
30.Many Tibetan women wear one hundred eight of them in their hair
2.The Dalai Lama is believed to be a manifestation of this person
3.Great saints of Tibet
4.Famous advocate for Tibet
6.Ethnic relatives of the Tibetans
8.Capital of Tibet
10.One-third of Tibet's male population used to be this
11.Important person
14.Indigenous religion
15.Staple food of Tibetans
17.Country that invaded and occupies Tibet
21.Famous valley
22.Common disease in Tibet
26.One of the Tibetan people's beliefs
28.Animal Tibetan tea and cheese comes from

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