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Toll-like Receptors Assignment

Yuvraj S. Kantak

1       2       3
5 6             7    
9                   10  
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16       17  

1.TLR-5 recognizes bacterial ________
6.TLR were named after receptors in ________
8.TLR-2 recognizes ________ on pathogen
9.LPS is a _________
10._____-2 is present on TLR-4
11.TLRs are activated by _______(short form)
13.Type of dimer TLR-2 forms with TLRs 1 and 6
14.TLR-4 activation leads to Type____(number) INFs
16.Which type of immunity TLRs play a role in?
2.TLRs 3, 7 & 9 are localised on intracellular _________
3.All TLRs are this type of receptors
4.TLR-9 is a __________ receptor
5.TLR-3 recognizes viral _________
7.__________ are serine or threonine kinases (short form)
12.All TLRs have ___ domains
15.This TLR (number) is partly localized
17.______ is present in MyD88-independent pathway

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