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Atoms & Elements

2           3  
6 7 8   9          
10   11         12              
        14 15  
16         17                  
  22                     23
26               27 28 29           30
        33 34      
35               36              

2.This element has the chemical symbol Si
4.This element is the basis of all life on earth
9.Anything that has mass and takes up space
10.Positively charged sub atomic particle
12.This element has 3 protons and 3 neutrons
13.Often used to fill up balloons
16.This element has 18 electrons
17.The first element in the periodic table
18.This element has the chemical symbol K
19.The atomic __________ determines the position of an element in the periodic table
22.The name of an element when it becomes radioactive
26.Foil is made from this
29.Elements can be represented by chemical _________
31.This element has 9 electrons
32.Discovered the nucleus of an Atom using gold foil and radioactive particles
33.The Atomic _________ of an element is the number of protons plus neutrons
35.The name for different forms of the same element
36.Negatively charged sub atomic particle
1.Noble or inert gas used in glowing signs
3.The central part of an atom containing neutrons and protons
5.__________ table of elements
6.This element has 5 electrons
7.The symbol of this element is S
8.This element has an atomic number of 7
11.The element we need to breathe
14.This element has the chemical symbol Be
15.This element has an atomic mass of 31
20.The current model for an atom known as an electron ___________
21.JJ Thompsom proposed the plum __________ model of the Atom
22.An element becomes ______________ when it has more neutrons than protons and becomes unstable
23.Pure substance containing one type of atom
24.Neutral sub atomic particle
25.We get this element that makes our bones strong from milk
27.This element has an atomic number of 12
28.This element has 17 protons
30.This element has the chemical symbol Na
34.This is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons

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