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All Kinds of Expressions

by Stuart Gedal

1 2
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    10                     11
16                 17          

4.She studied the Unit little by little every night. She never missed a night. She studied _______________.
8.I can never get her attention. She seems to live in a _________________ (2 words, no space, no hyphen).
9.It was so busy at my work that by 5:00pm I felt that I was at the end of my ______.
10.A type of medicine used for ear infections.
14.I had to walk across a busy highway. I was ______________ cars the whole time.
15.When I was sick on my trip, I slept for days, and I felt like I was at _______________ (two words, no space, no hyphen, BUT it does have an apostrophe!).
16.To exaggerate a story is to ___________________ it.
17.He crawled under the house to remove the old boxes. His clothes were ________.
18.When the shark bit him, he was ________________ with pain.
19.Studying Sunday evening and a little bit before class is ________________ to pass the test if you have come to class every day.
1.In the 1970s, when something was very exciting, young people often called it _________________ (two words, no space, no hyphen).
2.A tradition that shows you are going from one stage of life to another (3 words, no spaces, no hyphen)
3.At the end of a marathon, you may feel you are on your __________.
5.A type of private primary school or high school where students stay overnight and live apart from their parents.
6.These kinds of diseases tend to be stronger than the diseases we experience in the United States.
7.Something that is inevitable is ____________________.
10.Someone who wants to advance their position in society or in a profession is considered to be _________________.
11.If you leave your house at 2:15pm to come to class you are _____________ be late (2 words, no space, no hyphen).
12.Very happy.
13.An express that means you feel you do not belong in a group. You feel ___________________ (three words, no hyphens, no spaces)

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