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Write answers using capital letters.

1 2
3                       4 5           6  
7     8              
12 13                             14  
    16   17
18                   19 20                  
22   23           24
26 27       28                 29  
    30                     31          
33             34          

3.name of their high school
4.English teacher's nickname
8.character who narrated the story
9.I am a deer frozen in the headlights.
10.topic of debate in social studies
13.Underground pale seeds roll over in their sleep.
15.art teacher
18.she makes a sculpture with these
20.setting of story
21.topic of Melinda's extra credit report
23.symbolism for a nice childhood memory
25.social studies teacher
26.they tell you 10 of these in high school
28.clan that decorates and dresses alike
30.Melinda's favorite poet
31.changed her name to Rachelle
33.first school mascot, which was changed
34.Melinda's sanctuary
1.used to defend against Andy's attack
2.new student from Ohio
5.also known as IT
7.stands up to Mr. Neck
11.what the Sorvino's ate for Thanksgiving
12.one of school mascots being considered
14.what she received for Christmas
16.point of view from which story is told
17.what Melinda became at the end of the book
19.novel's title
22.what her parents do when her grades drop
24.Snow settles on rooftops like powdered sugar.
25.biology teacher
27.Melinda's friend in art class
29.Melinda's last name
32.Melinda's favorite class

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