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Introduction to Geometry

Nusra Ahmed

Use the vocab words from sections 1.1 to 1.9 to fill in the crossword.

1 2 3 4 5
6                   7   8            
10 11   12      
14             15  
19                     20         21  
  24   25 26            
          28 29          

6.the meaning of a word
7.3 segments that have been joined together at the endpoints
9.after negation and converse, "if not q, then not p"
13.2 or more segments that have the same length or measure
16.formed by 2 rays that connect at the same endpoint
17.marked locations on a segment
19.the 2 rays that trisect an angle
23.using previously assumed or proven statements to justify conclusions
26.an angle that is 90 degrees
27.means "not"
28.to split a segment or angle into 3 congruent thirds
30.points that cannot have a straight line drawn through them
1.2 or more angles that have the same degree or measure
2.an angle that is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees
3.the ray that bisects an angle
4.a provable math statement
5.an "If, Then," statement
8.location that rays, segments, lines, etc. have in common
10.after negation, "if not p, then not q"
11.adding 2 sides of the triangle will always give you a greater sum than the 3rd side
12.formed by two points on a line
14.points that can have a straight line drawn through them
15.can go on straight infinitely and is made up of points
18.an unproven assumption
20.The opposite of a conditional statement
21.an angle that is greather than 0 degress and less than 90 degrees
22.the point that bisects a segment
24.to combine rays, segments, lines, etc.
25.to split a segment or angle into 2 congruent halves
29.formed by one point on a line

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