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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Mr Hounsell

This puzzle is used in conjunction with a health booklet on STI's for literacy based learning for Year 10 students. It offers literacy through readind and selecting information that is useful to complete that task and for long term subject knowledge.

1 2 3
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    22                   23
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6.These help alter the pH balance of the vagina
8.This is usually suppressed by the immune system and occurs less frequently in men?
9.The treatment for thrush is an anti-fungal cream. What does it contain?
11.This STI can seriously affect organs and can lead to death
13.Sexual activity carries a high risk of..........
15.These often help to treat or fight infections
17.What is MC also known as?
19.BV is found in more sexually active women than those who have never had what?
20.These burrow into the skin and feed on blood
21.This STI is caused by a single cell organism
22.What part of the body do most STI's commonly occur?
24.Transmission of this STI is usually through direct skin to skin contact. What is it?
25.STI's may cause unpleasant symptoms and could lead to long term damage. What is this known as?
26.This is used to treat Pubic lice
27.This STI is intensely itchy, contagious skin infestation
28.This type of STI is known as the pox and what else?
1.If someone is critically weak and are advised to seek immediate medical attention, what could be failing?
2.What is the term called where infections are passed from one person to another during sex?
3.This STI is caused by a yeast infection, what is it known as?
4.This form of STI looks like cauliflower like lumps. What is it?
5.A, B, C are the most common forms of this STI
7.This is caused by an imbalance in normal healthy bacteria found in the vagina
10.There are two strains of this virus. What is it called?
12.Symptoms of.........usually appear between 1 and 14 days after exposure
14.This can be taken orally or applied as a gel
16.What occurs often when STI's are transmitted in the infected area?
18.This word is known as the signs of infection
20.This form of STI infects the urethra, rectum, and eyes in both sexes
22.HSV-2 is a very common form of the Herpes STI on what scale?
23.Symptoms of this type of STI leave fluid filled what?

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