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Fencing Tools

1 2
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7                         8 9
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3.use this to ram the soil in the hole (2 words)
4.you can drill holes by hand using this old fashioned tool (3 words)
5.use this to take out iron posts (3 words)
7.use this to measure posts and other things (2 words)
10.put the wire on this and roll it out (2 words)
11.use this to chisel or chip off wood on the stay
13.use this to cut strainer posts
14.wear these on your hands
15.use this to dig a hole
1.use this to hit the iron posts into the ground
2.use this to scoop out soil (3 words)
6.use this to make sure that the post is level (2 words)
8.wear these when you are using the chain saw
9.you cut wood by HAND using this tool (2 words)
12.use these to cut or twist wire

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