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Gonerfest 9 Crossword Challenge

Eric Goner

A challenging trip into trivial history of Gonerfest

1 2     3         4  
5 6 7         8
    9 10               11 12 13      
14     15                  
  16   17                      
18                 19 20        
            21   22
    25 26          
        27         28            
      30     31               32            
  34           35    
36         37                            
39       40      
41                   42                      
          43                   44
46         47                 48                
49           50 51                  

1.Boyfriends of Gonerfest 8
3.Solid Sex Lovie Doll label owner Federico, attendee of Gonerfest 1
6.Only Seattle band to play Gonerfest
9.First Australian Band to play Gonerfest
13.Sic Alps played this Gonerfest
14.Pre-Hygiene band from Gonerfest 2
17.Saturday Afternoon Aussie Band of Gonerfest Seven
18.Fieldhand from Gonerfest Seven
23.Nickname Of Gonerfest 2
27.Guitar Wolf frontman
28.Lost, lamented hotel at Union & Mclean- site of excellent all night pool parties
29.Pre-Barbaras band of Gonerfest 3
30.Pre-Oblivians band from Gonerfest 6
33.Gonerfest 8 poster artis Bystrom
36.Gonerfest with Hunx & His Punx, Gentleman Jesse, and Magic Kids
37.First Nashville Band to play Gonerfest
38.Second Nashville band to play Gonerfest
41.Site of Gonerfest 1
42.Artist with 2nd most appearances at Gonerfest
43.First act to play the gazebo at Cooper & Young
46.Aussie Headache from Gonerfest 8
47.Subject of The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing film shown at GF4
48.Artist with most appearances at Gonerfest
49.Angles from Gonerfest Three
50.Band who took Jay Reatard's spot at Murphys at Gonerfest 5
52.Maniac from Jam Messengers- frequently upside down at Gonerfest 8
2.Gonerfest poster artist with book of drawings released by Goner
4.Fruit-themed Backyard band of Gonerfest 4
5.Donny Denim, The Marked Men, and Eddy Current Suppression Ring played which Gonerfest?
7.Sydney's Royal Headache played this Gonerfest
8.Poster artist of Gonerfest 7
10.Gonerfest played by the Black Lips
11.First Band to play Gonerfest 1
12.Instrumental Memphis band from Gonerfest 2
15.Photographer with Exhibit in Goner Store during Gonerfest 2
16.Noxious fire at Gonerfest Six - Murphy's show
18.Bass player for Persuaders at Gonerfest 2
19.Dance choreographed in convenience store during Gonerfest 4
20.Gonerfest 8's Gories drummer
21.First Japanese band to play Gonerfest
22.All-Girl SF band from Gonerfest 8
24.Leather Upper, Friend to Groovy Greg
25.Only Irish band to play Gonerfest
26.What you get at Gus'
31.Best chopped barbecue sandwiches in the universe
32.British Band of Gonerfest 6 named after toilet manufacturer
34.Type of City from Gonerfest 4
35.First French band to play Gonerfest
39.Home to the Saturday Afternoon Blowout
40.Puerto Rican Band of Gonerfest 6
42.Kind of Science Audio used to record Gonerfests
44.UV Race song off Gonerfest Seven bonus record
45.Gonerfest 7 Co-MC, host of WFMU Cherry Blossom Special
51.Found in Pool with Redneck at Gonerfest 3

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