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Music Madness

2     3
5     6     7        
  8 9              
11 12      
    15               16
17                     18        

2.the artist who sang we are young
5.the artist who sang somebody that i used to know
7.Name for the black notes on a keyboard (5 letters)
8.song sang by nicki minaj
10.the artist who sang this is love
13.the artist who sang whistle / good feeling
15.A type of instument related to the the piano
17.the artist who sang who sang read all about it / heaven / hope / clown
18.the artist who sang sexy and i know it / party rock anthem
1.A type of instrument that has 3 types acoustic, eletric, bass
3.the artist who sang price tag / domino
4.A clef using F to middle C also a word meaning low
6.A clef using G to middle C
9.Song featuring eva simons
11.the artist who sang chasing the sun / glad you came
12.song sang by owl city / Carly Rae Jepsen
14.the artist who sang rolling in the deep / someone like you
16.Name for the black notes on a keyboard (4 letters)

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