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Watson's Theory of Human Caring

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3 4          

4.Watson's theory stresses the importance of the lived experience not only of the client but also of the ________ .
7.Jean Watson believes the practice of ________ is central to nursing.
8.________ caring relationships convey a concern for the inner life world and subjective meaning for another.
9.Caring moment occurs whenever the nurse and another come together in a given moment for human-to0human transaction.
1.Individual healing processes can be strengthened through authentic caring ________ .
2.Caring promotes health more than does ________ .
3.The carative factors provide a focus for nursing phenomena, these factors are evolving into ________ processes.
5.Effective caring promotes ________ and individual or family growth.
6.The discipline of origin for the Theory of Human Caring is from ________ and metaphysics.
7.The major conceptual elements of the theory are ________ factors, transpersonal caring relationship, and caring moment/caring occasion.

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