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2.The turned up area at the bottom of a garment.
4.A tube designed to contain elastic, cord, ribbon etc.
6.Texture or design that runs in one direction only and influences the pattern cutting layouts. (ie. velvet, corduroy and satin)
8.A lightweight fabric sewn inside a garment to conceal seam allowances. Linings also block see-through in a lightweight fabric.
12.A synthetic material that bonds to fabric when melted by the heat of an iron.
14.As the fabric comes off the loom, before it has undergone any further process.
16.Small folds gathered by drawing up a line of stitching. Used to create ruffles.
18.A narrow strip of fabric or tape used to cover the raw edges of a garment or quilt.
19.The direction in which the warp and weft thread lie. The warp running lengthwise, parallel to the selvage, is the lenghtwise grain. The weft follows the crosswise grain, at right angles to the selvage.
20.Hem stitches that attach a folded edge virtually invisible to a flat surface
23.Gives a neat firm finish to a seam, especially on soft frunishings.
1.Shaped pieces of fabric enclosing raw edges inside a sleeve or neck opening.
3.A translucent loose-woven cotton fabric
5.Incidental items such as thread, fastenings, tape, rulers, pins etc.
6.Diamond shaped marks that project beyond the pattern edge, for aligning pattern pieces at the sewing stage.
7.Closely woven cotton fabric in a natural cream color, used for printed cotton fabric,\.
9.The soft raised surface on velvet, corduroy and some brushed fabrics. Has a nap that will affect the color and influence the appearance.
10.The technique of stitching one fabric on top of another.
11.Binding strip cut on the bias to fit smoothly around curves without adding bulk.
13.Extra fabric sewn or ironed between the layers of fabric to give it more body.
15.Temporary stitches made with running stitch about one half inch.
17.Corded ribbon used to stiffen waistbands and purse handles.
18.Any diagonal line between lengthwise and crosswise grains.
21.A sewn structure that takes in fabric to give shape to a garment.
22.The adjustable difference between two points where there is a greater measurement of fabric on one side compared to the other.

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