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Grandma's Attic

Puzzle 3

1             2
4   5            
6         7    
9           10                  
    12     13
    14                       15

1.A shape cut from cardboard or plastic used to make multiple units.
5.A block arrangement in which a block is placed with its corners up and down and to the sides. (2 words)
6.A large free standing floor apparatus made from wood or plastic to hold the layers of a quilt together during quilting.
8.A tube of fabric sewn to the back of a quilt to allow it to be displayed at home or a quilt show. (2 words)
9.A quilter's collection of fabrics.
10.A quilt made of many many small patches where each piece is a different fabric. (2 words)
11.A quilt made by a group of people for one person, often signed. (2 words)
14.A simple folded fabric triangle made in multiples and attached as a decorative edge finish. (2 words)
16.A small even running stitch made through all three layers of a quilt to hold them together. (2 words)
17.The middle layer of a quilt sandwich.
18.A type of cotton that is a cross between Eqyptian and Upland cotton, longer in fiber length and more lustrous. (2 words)
2.A method of hand piecing where paper templates are used inside the block elements.
3.Quilting using a very long bed commercial machine. (3 words)
4.A quilt made of unprinted fabrics in deep and rich jewel tones with much black or navy. (2 words)
7.The threads put on a loom under tension, raised and lowered allowing the other threads to pass through during the weaving process.
11.The mechanical teeth on a sewing machine that move fabric forward or backward under the needle. (2 words)
12.A quilt made from randomly placed blocks or patches, often heavily embellished.
13.Solid colors of plain woven fabric used for quilting.
15.The outer edge of both sides of a woven piece of fabric.

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