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2.Large molecule formed by bonding many smaller molecules together
4.A sugar present in dairy products (disaccharide)
5.Of, or relating to, or derived from living matter
6.A poly used as food storage in plants
7.naturally occuring or synthetic having a basic of 17 carbon atoms arranged in 4 rings
9.A molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer
10.important in cell membranes. have an organic section attached to a phosphate group
12.The chemical break down of a compound due to reaction with water (makin molecules smaller)
13.(disaccharide) fructose+glucose
16.Basic building blocks of protein molecules
23.Increase the rate of a chemical reaction without changing itself
25.Simple sugar
26.Incapable of being dissolved (fats)
27.Largest carbohydrate molecules. Has the most energy
28.Poly made of glucose units hooked together (fiber)
29.Organic compound used by cells to sore and release energy
1.An oderless, colorless, syrupy liquid
2.Contains two or more amino acids that are formed by the breaking down of proteins
3.indicates rest of molecule (unimportant part)
8.Building blocks of the fat in our bodies and in the food we eat
11.The process of removing water from a substanceor compound
14.Solid at room temperature (lard,meat,fat,oils)
15.Simple sugar
17.A fat like substance in the body, too much can cause fat build up in the arteries.
18.Naturallyoccuring sugar found in any fruits, vegetables, and honey (sweetest sugar)
19.Liquid at room temperature (oils ,peanut and olive)
20.Two. Formed by linking two monosaccharide molecules. (sucrose&lactose
21.To take away or alter the natural qualties of something
22.Organic functional group consisting of a carbon atom double bonded to an oxygen, and single bonded to a hyoroxyl group.
24.Proteins that accelerate chemical reactions (aka Catalyst)

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