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Biochemistry Crossword Puzzle

Donovan Rice

1           2 3
7 8                
      9           10
13                             14    
      19 20  
          21     22        
25                         26            
27                       28                

1.A polymer of cholesterol.
4.A sugar found in dairy products that certain people are unable to break down.
5.The process of breaking down molecules through adding H2O.
6.One of these are required to form a triglyceride.
8.A subunit of a larger molecule.
9.Another name for amino acid.
11.A fat with at least one double carbon bond and is liquid at room temperature.
13.A molecule that consists of many sugars.
15.To prevent from working the same before.
16.A monomer of amino acids that are COO-.
18.A fat with no double carbon bonds and is solid at room temperature.
21.A sugar found in fruits.
24.The process of building molecules through removing H2O.
25.The building blocks of proteins.
26.Made up of many monomers.
27.The most abundant and important steroid in the body.
28.A polysaccharide also known as fiber.
2.A molecule that consists of two sugars.
3.A monosaccharide produced in photosynthesis.
7.A lipid that is important in the cell membrane.
8.The simplest type of sugar.
10.A protein that speeds up reactions.
12.The variable portion of an amino acid.
14.A polysaccharide found in potatoes and bread.
16.Also known as “The Sugars” category of foods.
17.More commonly known as table sugar.
19.Three of these are required to form a triglyceride.
20.When a substance won’t dissolve in another substance.
22.A polymer of enzymes.
23.All types of this compound contain carbon.

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