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Richmond Football Club

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3.Surname of player known as 'Hungry'
5.Hardwick is the ___ man to have played for Essendon, then coach Richmond
7.Team Richmond played against in 1980 Grand Final
10.Nickname of Dale Weightman
11.Last club Rex Hunt played for before retiring
13.Surname of player known as the 'duck'
15.Who won the 1980 Grand Final
16.How many premierships have Richmond Won
18.Surname of player known as "Disco"
19.Surname of Brownlow Medal Winner in 1971
20.How many times did Joel Bowden win the Jack Dyer medal
21.Damien Hardwick 1st played for which AFL team
23.Surname of President from 2000-2005
25.Richmond Home Venue
26.Surname of player who has kicked most goals for Richmond
1.Surname of Captian in 1979
2.Surname of 4 x premiership player from Tasmania
4.Name of club Rex Hunt 1st played in
6.Surname of "T-shift Tommy"
8.Surname of coach from 1997-1999
9.Richmond shop known as the Tiger's ___
12.Hardwick has had experience with three premiership clubs, Essendon, Port Adelaide and ________
14.Surname of high profile West Coast Eagles player who played for Richmond
16.How many Andrew's played for Richmond in 2005
17.Jack Dyer known as Captain ____
22.Next word in the Club Song
24.Rex Hunt played in how many premiership teams

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