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September 10-14,2012

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1.to make, design, or think of a new type of thing.
6.someone who you try to defeat in a competition, game, fight, or argument.
9.to make a serious public request for help, money, information etc.
10.not supporting any of the people or groups involved in an argument or disagreement.
11.someone or something that represents or is very typical of an idea or quality.
12.to prevent something from growing or developing well.
2.the business of selling and sending goods to other countries.
3.feeling nervous and uncomfortable and worrying about what people think of you, for example because you have to talk or sing in public, or because you have made a silly mistake.
4.having the same value, purpose, job etc as a person or thing of a different kind.
5.a false warning about something dangerous.
7.a scientific test done to find out how something reacts under certain conditions, or to find out if a particular idea is true.
8.a way of dealing with problems in a sensible, practical way instead of following a set of ideas.

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