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Mathematic Crossword Puzzle

Zion E. Walker

1 2 3
  5                               6  
  8                   9      
  15                       16        
  21         22                      

4.A statement of a fact that is generally accepted to be true and universal.
5.A rule that describes a pattern in nature but does not try to explain why something happens.
8.Utillizes data from an experiment to support or reject the hypothesis.
10.The study of earths systems and systems in space including the weather and climax system.
11.A possible explination for repeatedly observed patterens in narative supported by obzervation.
12.Parts of an experiment that does not change.
14.Avariable that is changed in an experiment.
15.The study of living sytstems and how they interact .
17.Use of science to help people in some way.
18.A collection of structures cycles, and prosses that are related to and interacts with each other.
20.A variable that changed, controlled, or manipulated on purpose by the researcher.
21.Use prior knowledge and observation to make an explanation.
22.Reasonable quess that can be tested and is basedon who is known and what is observed.
23.A variable that measured and effective during the experiment" Dependent" on the independent variable.
24.A description that deals with numbers.
1.The variable's relationship who's value depends on the value of the independent.
2.An event that has been proven through experimentation and generally accepted as true.
3.A testable idea for explanation that leads to scientific investigation.
6.The study of matter which is anything that uses up space and matter.
7.A description that doesn't deal with numbers.
9.Involves changing factor and observing its effect on things while keeping all the other things can stand.
13.A way of learning more about the natural world that provides a possible explanation to questioons and involves using a collection.
16.A factor that can change in an experiment.
19.A variable that is not changed in an experiment.
20.To draw a conclution based on observation.

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