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SW Asia Geography


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1.This country is bordered by Turkey to the North and Iran to the East
6.Which river do Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait share?
7.Suadi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan border this body of water
8.This physical feature is controlled by Iran and Oman
9.This connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
10.What is the religion of most Persians? (2 words)
11.Which river do Syria, Israel, and Jordan share?
14.This Roman Emperor made Christianity legal in the Roman empire
21.Which SW Asian countries have the lowest
22.Hot and dry would describe the _____________ of SW Asia
23.50% of the worlds _________ comes from SW Asia
26.The word that describes the Jews leaving Egypt and returning to Canaan
27.The beleif in only one God
29.What modern country is the home to those who call themselves Persians?
31.What do the Kurds share as part of their ethnic group?
32.What is the religion of most of the Arabs in SW Asia? (2 words)
33.Who controls the oil in the world market? (abbv.)
34.What are the two most valuable natural resources in SW Asia (4words)
35.Oil producing countries have more _____________ than non-oil countries
36.Does building dams along rivers allow for more or less water downstream?
2.Many of the largest cities in Southwest Asia are located on or near...
3.People living along the rivers of SW Asia have built canals, qanats, and water wheels to use the water for...
4.This group was considered friends of Muhammad?
5.This country is primarily Jewish and borders the Mediterranean Sea
12.The Muslims believed the Ka'aba was built by this person
13.Overuse of this product causes salt levels to rise in the soil.
15.The angel Gabriel visited this person and told him to tell the word of God to the people.
16.The holy writing of Judaism (sacred text)
17.What is the religion of most of the Kurds? (2 words)
18.The build of _________ has caused political conflict involving rivers in SW Asia
19.Very few countries can use this technology to get clean water because it is too expensive
20.Christians believed this person was the Messiah
24.This group of people have traditionally lived in and around the desert
25.The obligations that Muslims are supposed to meet in their life time are called...( 2 words)
28.Which ethnic group is most numerous in SW Asia?
30.Because mountains block winds coming from the oceans, much of the interior of SW Asia is...

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