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1 2 3
4 5                      
    7   8          
      10     11    
14                 15  
  18 19                

5.Thinking about the feelings and needs of other people
6.Not brave enough
8.Behaving in a way that you would expect an adult to behave
9.A person you can rely on is...
10.Always nervous about unimportant things
13.Very careful in speech and behaviour not to offend other people
14.Behaving in a quite and pleasant way, modest
16.A person who can keep secrets is...
19.Unkind and showing a strong desire to hurt someone
20.Able to make choice quickly and confidently
1.Always working very hard
2.Behaving dishonestly in order to trick other people
3.Willing to accept someone's views without criticizing them
4.Tending to spend a lot of time alone and enjoying it
7.Open person, enjoys being with other people
11.Angry and unhappy (temporary state)
12.Waiting something to happen as soon as possible
15.Very talkative
17.Gloomy, in unhappy mood
18.Honest and direct even if the truth is not pleasant

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